31 agosto, 2018

Magister in Government Management 2019

Grade: Magister in Government Management

Program duration: 15 months.

Modality: in-classroom course. On Friday and Saturday every 15 days.

Schedule: Friday: 14:00 to 20:30 hrs. /Saturday: 8:30 to 19:00 hrs.

Credits: 60 credits SCT-Chile

Tuition scholarships for new students, graduates, and teachers of Universidad Autónoma de Chile.


Hold a professional title and/or bachelor’s degree.

Application for admission.

Experience in positions or activities related to politics, in both the public and civil society sphere.

Personal letter of interest. Write a short essay in no more than 800 words on your interest in the program and the expectations you have on the Magister relevance for your professional future.

Interview with the academic board.


Professional title and/or bachelor’s degree in a duly notarized copy.

Application form for admission.

Curriculum Vitae.

Photocopy of the Identity Card (both sides)


Coordinator: Tomás Duval

Information: postgrados@uautonoma.cl

Temuco (+56) 45 2895037

Talca (+56) 71 2735672

Santiago (+56) 45 2895037

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The Magister in Government Management is a postgraduate program of professional nature designed to make sure that applicants develop competencies oriented to improve its professional performance in the area of politics, in the State organisms or in institutions related to the public world.

Its purpose is to train experts in government management in order to make them capable of taking on leadership positions and political responsibility, from which they may generate real changes, with social responsibility, critical spirit, and ethical vision.

The competencies acquired during the Magister in Government Management will contribute to the development of concrete actions in politics, based on the personal freedom value, the individual and social development, improving the quality of the proposals in public action area and meeting the current political challenges.


Train postgraduate professionals with competencies in the field of government management that enable them develop political and strategic management abilities in order to strengthen its activities in the central government, at national and regional level, in the parliamentary counseling and in public matters, with the aim of contributing to improving the political quality and strengthening the democratic system fundaments.

Specific objectives

  1. Train professionals interested in contributing to the generation of a better politic action in Chile based on techniques and methodologies applied to the political strategy field.
  2. Revalue democracy and politic action, and the role that politicians must have in it, with a critical spirit and social responsibility, promoting ethics, probity and the transparency in public management.
  3. Contribute with knowledge and abilities on how public world works, to those who work in positions of a strategic political level, with the purpose of enabling them to contribute and influence in the agenda of subjects they consider relevant.
  4. Train specialists in political management, capable of contributing to the solution of problems, crisis and controversial situations that make possible the governability, trust, and stability of the politic system.
  5. Favor the establishment of networks, so that figures involved in public affairs can find interaction points and may contribute to generating better public policies in our country.


The Magister in Government Management is intended for professionals interested in performing in areas related to political action and seeking to join public positions, especially in the Central Government, such as: Undersecretaries, Service Directors, Chefs de cabinet, Heads of Division, politic advisors, sectors specialist at ministry level; High Public Management; Parliamentarians, parliamentary advisers and political party leaders. At regional and local level, for professionals that aspire to practice said function in management, Governorships, Regional Governments, Regional Management of public services, among others.