31 agosto, 2018

Magister in Municipal Public Management and Local Development 2018

Duration: 4 semesters.

Modality: in classroom course. On Thursdays, Fridays (18:00 -22:00hrs.) and on Saturdays (9:00-19:00hrs.) consecutive days once a month.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in an area of knowledge related to the magister requested.

Benefits for new students, alumni, teachers, and officials.

Any consultation send an e-mail indicating campus and program to postgrados@uautonoma.cl

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Dr. Marcelo Villagrán Abarzúa

Lawyer. Ph.D. in Constitutional Law and Magister in Public International Law (LL.MM) from Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany (both approved with summa cum laude). Graduated in Legal and Social Sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. University teacher and associated researcher at the Chilean Institute of Municipal Studies of Universidad Autónoma de Chile. His main teaching and research lines are Public Law, Constitutional Law, Municipal Law, Municipal Autonomy and Decentralization.


The program general objective is to provide students higher competences and abilities in the legal field that enables them to master the general legal phenomenon in-depth; specialize with an advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in matters related to the major they chose; acquire expertise in oral and written capacities highly qualified for a professional and academic environment.


Graduates in Legal Sciences, History, Politic Sciences, Public Administration, Economic Sciences, all Social Sciences areas, Communication Sciences. Professionals from related fields. Professionals from other fields, prior study of the case and consent of the Magister Program’s Academic Committee.


The graduated will have superior competencies and advanced knowledge on the legal phenomenon of its specialty, in substantive aspects as well as in procedural aspects; it will be able to identify, study and resolve complex legal issues, design strategies; and properly disseminate them through oral and written media.

In the same way, the graduated will be competent to design projects and write publications, conduct teaching labors at higher education institutions, join to public and private institutions, and advise them in high complexity matters.

Regulation of Magister in Municipal Public Management and Local Development. Here.